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When you work with Trilliam, you work with friends. Trilliam Remodeling is a residential remodeling firm focused on partnering with you to revitalize your existing home with new ideas. It’s our goal to collaborate with you throughout the full process of your project—design, actual production, and all the finish details that can make a good project great.

Our approach removes the vulnerability many feel when they begin a remodeling project. The variables involved with remodeling can be overwhelming. The details, exhausting. We fully recognize that it’s a privilege to be invited into your home to help you realize and develop the vision you have for your space. And we don’t forget that it’s your home. We clearly provide the information and options, but you make the decisions. Working with us is kind of like working with a friend in the business – we help you navigate the process with confidence.

So what exactly is our approach? A process-oriented philosophy with an emphasis on listening and communication. The core of the process remains the same through many different projects, but since no two homes and no two homeowners are the same, we take special care to engage you in every step of the process to ensure the end result is what you envisioned.


First, we sit with you and learn how you will be using your space, and a whole lot more. This step in the process is where we want to see pages you’ve ripped out of magazines for inspiration, hear you vent about your frustrations with your current space, and dream with you to develop a framework which we’ll use to…


This is the exciting part of the project where walls come out, dreams come in, and you begin to see your new space take shape. We purposefully maintain an open dialogue with you so that you fully understand each step of the process and any changes that may arise (or decisions that need to be made) so that we can…


The quality in a project can be easily recognized by the finish details. We continue to communicate with you about the smallest details up until the very end; if it makes a difference to you, it makes a difference to us. We pay careful attention to the final details, and finish well by completing on time and within the agreed budget.

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